2016 World Championship Series


The NABA would like to invite you and your team and families to our Tournament Expo. Come relax, and have a good time after competing or before you start competing for a World Series Championship. The Tournament Expo will be at Tempe Diablo Stadium on Saturday, October 8th.  The Tournament Expo will feature free food and drink specials, vendor booths, raffles and much more.  All teams, players, and families are welcome to come. We would really love to see you there!

This year we have a special guest that will be attending the NABA Tournament Expo! 7 time infielder of the year, 6 time outfielder of the year, and the only player in baseball history to win a game on a walk off intentional walk, Domingo Ayala the baseball legend will be joining us for this years NABA Tournament expo on October 8th at Tempe Diablo Stadium. This is a fun and entertaining event that you will definitely not want to miss! If you do not know who Domingo Ayala is click the link below to see some of his videos!

Click here to watch Domingo Ayala

Domingo Ayala      Domingo Ayala 2

expo-party n     Tempe Diablo Stadium Program Pitcure

The NABA Tournament Expo is on October 8, 2016 at Tempe Diablo Stadium from 5 PM to 9 PM.  Tempe Diablo Stadium  is located at

Tempe Diablo Stadium
2200 W. Alameda Dr.
Tempe, AZ 85282